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A dog of a day

I moved.

I’m assuming you were expecting an update. So.

The ‘new’ flat smells.

The ex-occupiers included a couple of four-legged creatures.  I found a small gate attached to the kitchen door and assumed it was to stop the dogs entering the kitchen; until I spent long enough in the kitchen to realise the smell that lived there was far more pungent and gag-inducing than the one that resided in the living room.  Gate’s true purpose- to keep the dogs IN the kitchen.

There are certain things that register 9.8 on my Somalino scale.  Dogs living in kitchens is waaaay up there with mooning.

I still have not moved into the flat.  

The smell’s only part of the story but pungent enough to keep me away had it been the sole reason.  I spent a little time in the flat on Saturday, looking for poop stains, pee marks, matt dog hair, dead pups behind cupboards- that sort of thing.  The smell and focused searching- like watching a horror movie through splayed fingers was headache inducing.  Not wanting to see what you’re looking at is self-inflicted brain torture.  I was also hungry and irritable- both entered the flat with me and then the smell got to work on them and made them bad-ars*(it doesn’t anglicise, ho hum).  I lit a candle under a litre of green tea oil and left it unattended. 

At the supermarket I spent £20 on cleaning paraphernalia.  Back at the flat, I emptied a giant can of Oust into the carpet zig-zagging, criss-crossing and up-and-downing across beige carpet that looked suspiciously beige and finally stood up to the mother of all head rushes.  I couldn’t smell or see.

Sweet relief.

Of course none of this explains my absence from cyber space and indeed from my own life but that, that, dear readers is too deep, too sentimental, too much for a woman that has a smelly flat to contend with it. Suffice to say, 2007 was annus horribilis and most of 2008 has turned into a prayer-answered, surprisingly easy delight and I just don’t know what to do with it all without gushing.

Praise the Lord.

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Reader Comments (7)


Great to hear you're well!

Not that you're forgiven for the hiatus, but what exciting excitedness has befallen you in 2008. So far, I have 3 times the gray hairs as 2007 and a semi-resolution to cut off some family members.

BTW, dogs anywhere but an open space and his/her own doghouse is an absolute no-no. I don't care if the crime scene cleaner comes in and puts bleach everywhere. I think it's a mental thing.

June 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAya
^hey. I realised today that most of 2008 was a continuation of 2007 so I was being generous when I said most of it was a relief.

I'm giddy with good health; I tear up when I become conscious that there is no pain. Even as I write this I get a funny old feeling. It's the best gift ever. Also, left the old job- less said about that the better. I asked for a couple of things and got them and more. It's all a bit overwhelming. I don't know..I can only get back on the horse and make myself useful-this's blog's as good a place to start as any.

June 10, 2008 | Registered Commenterparadise
Every moment without pain is truly a triumph. Good to read that you're back on the horse and looking forward to reading more.

P.S.Thanks to regular massages, I've had my least painful spring in about 12 years.
June 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAya
Your description is turning my stomach - uff.

Paradiso, I am glad to know you are well and pain free too. A'H!
June 15, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterFirefly
Hoodhi Hoodhi!! I'll come by for the shaahdali.
June 19, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercigaal
^Shaah I know well, shaahdali is new to me. Thanks, folks, I am standing on freshly cleaned carpet- the cleaners broke the wardrobe to mute my satisfaction- and feel the beginnings of a sense of belonging.
June 19, 2008 | Registered Commenterparadise
Walaal, after we read Quran and say duca for the new home, we drink shaahdali. Other times it's shaah.
June 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercigaal

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