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flyer.gifAn evening celebrating fatherhood's tickets are on sale. Click here and buy online: Buy your Tickets!.









To stock flyers and/or sell tickets please write to

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On the road with Nomadic Expression

Nomadic Expression will drop in on the The Somali Youth Forum in East London, tomorrow, 09/11/06.  I can't wait to talk to you guys and gals and invite you to be part of the evening celebrating fatherhood! Leyla tells me you're all up to inspiring stuff- I want all the gory details.  It will be a great after-work escapade.

On Saturday 11/11/06, Nomadic Expression will drop in on the Youth Enlightenment Group in North London who are re-launching their activities.  Last week Farid, Ahmed and co were sprucing the space up for the launch. If you're a North Londoner, be there and find out what the group can make available to you.  Farid's determined to make the group a very successful one. 

If you would like Nomadic Expression to come see your group, write me at

See you on the road.

P.S: there won't be a meeting at Selby on Saturday 11/11/06.  Nomadic Expression is concentrating on introducing itself and its first project to places where the youth already congregate before inviting them elsewhere. Keep yourself in the loop by checking the site regularly and if you want to see us, write us and we'll come for you...ehem, to you, I mean. :-)

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First meeting

Nomadic Expression is holding its first meeting at the Selby Centre on Saturday, 4th December 2006 at 3pm. Anyone interested is welcome!

Selby Centre

Selby Road
London N17 8JL

020 8885 5499 

Nearest underground station is Wood Green on the Piccadilly line.  Exit, turn left. Take bus W3, get off when you see the cemetry, that's where you need to be :).  Turn left into Selby Road.

See you there!


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Come to the evening celebrating fatherhood!

A fab awards evening celebrating fatherhood

at the Decorium, London, 15th December 2006

Attend the evening celebrating fatherhood, organised by Nomadic Expression and win prizes!

Tickets will be on sale soon!

We’re looking for poets, performers, storytellers, comedians etc. Write to with your name, age, contact details. You will have an audience of 500 people available to you! Recommend yourself or another. Don’t miss this opportunity to be seen!

Storytellers, get involved with Nomadic Expression and  StoryQuest and keep alive the Somali oral tradition. Tell us your Somali-related story during the evening celebrating fatherhood- go back in history and recreate an event for us, modify a traditional story for a modern day audience or write your own new story.

Send your ideas to Nomadic Expression at , we will pick two of the best and invite you to perform at the evening celebrating fatherhood.  After you perform,  Nomadic Expression will send recordings of your performance to  StoryQuest and your performance will be entered in the StoryQuest competition. If your storytelling wins the StoryQuest competition, you will win a storytelling performance at a venue of your choice!

In the meantime,  StoryQuest will help publicise the evening celebrating fatherhood across the country.  Get exposure for your talent!

The sooner you contact Nomadic Expression with your idea/entry, the closer you will be to performing in front of 500 people and and standing a chance of winning the  StoryQuest competition.  Represent Somali tradition in the StoryQuest competition! Read more here.  Write to Nomadic Expression with your idea here: Hurry!! 

Poets, Nomadic Expression is running a poetry competition in conjunction with the evening celebrating fatherhood. There are 3 different competitions. Enter any one or all of the below:

· write what inspires you about your father(download entry form1)

· write a poem with your father (download entry form2)

· write what inspires you about your son/daughter(download entry form3)

Winners will be VIP guests on the evening celebrating fatherhood and will read their work to 500 people! Prizes to be announced soon.

How to enter!

Download the relevant entry form by clicking on the links above.  Fill in ALL the details(don’t forget the poem!) and email as an attachment to In the subject line of the email write, ‘poetry competition’.

All entries to reach Nomadic Expression by December the 6th 2006.

Competition judge and prizes to be announced soon! Come back for an update! Any questions, leave a comment or email us at

Poetry Competition Rules :

Must be a resident of the UK(we want you there on the night!)

If you are under 16, you will need parental consent to enter.

Other than that anything goes!! What are you waiting for, get writing!

If you are a Somali-run business and would like to donate prizes(something fabulous, please!), have your name associated with the charity, the evening celebrating fatherhood and the competition, write to us at Your business will be advertised on the website. Get involved,  get free publicity, celebrate fatherhood with the community.

If you live in London, are over 16, would like to organise the evening celebrating fatherhood and get experience with media, sponsorship & fundraising, running competitions, managing a big event, read more here. We’re particularly interested in hearing from students at CONEL and Northumberland Park School, North London. Tell your teachers about the evening celebrating fatherhood and the work experience available to you, give them the link to this page of the website. We want to come and talk to YOU!

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